Vision and Mission



We believe education, demonstration, and celebration of urban sustainable living will create equitable communities and healthy ecosystems.


MUD empowers people to build a more sustainable community through tool sharing and hands-on learning.


Education: MUD workshops, sustainability resources library, and website

Demonstration: MUD site, resource-sharing programs (Tool Library and Truck Share)

Celebration: Annual Earth Day celebration, annual Garden Party

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Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. For humans, it is the potential for long-term maintenance of wellbeing, which in turn depends on the wellbeing of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.

Since the 1980s, human sustainability has implied the integration of economic, social and environmental spheres to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”[1]

Efforts to live more sustainably can take many forms. At MUD, we strive to provide a resource that enables Missoulians to take strides toward sustainability in their own homes and backyards by sharing the resources of both tools and knowledge.

[1] United Nations General Assembly (1987) Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future. Transmitted to the General Assembly as an Annex to document A/42/427 – Development and International Co-operation: Environment. Retrieved on: 2009-02-15.