Strategic Planning

In 2015, MUD developed an organizational strategic plan to guide our work and set our focus. In the last 4 years we have come a long way in meeting our targets and we want to share our successes with our members!

MUD’s staff and board are looking forward to 2020 and beyond!  We are excited to see how we can continue to be a hub for information and resource-sharing in the Missoula community. Our goals for the next strategic plan will focus on the three pillars of our mission: demonstration, education, and celebration. We hope to update our tool library to include more eco-friendly tools, continue expanding our site while decreasing our energy footprint, provide more women-led carpentry workshops, and celebrate with our members and community through our annual Earth Day and Garden Party events. MUD will also continue building on our successful partnerships to help enable all Missoulians to be more sustainable, regardless of means. 

This fall, as we dive into the next round of strategic planning we are interested to hear what YOU want to see at MUD! Join us at the Garden Party on September 7th from 6-10 pm for an opportunity to give feedback on MUD’s future while also celebrating our successes. If you can’t make it to the Garden Party please feel free to contact us at Hope to see you there!