Summer Appeal

We couldn’t do it without you!

We are immensely grateful for the support of Missoula Community members like you! With your help, we are able to update and improve our programs and offerings each year.


MUD provides roughly 24 workshops annually.  Our goal is to present relevant and useful skills or techniques to strengthen and encourage self-reliance.  Giving to MUD helps us attract and retain quality presenters, enhances the learning experience, and provides flexibility in workshop programming.


The MUD site is an experiential example of urban sustainable living.  Sustainability systems have been put in place, including the recent additions of solar panels and recycled glass pathways.  The tool library continues to supply the tools needed to start or finish a project. Giving to MUD allows allows us to find opportunities to expand the library, move towards an electric powered inventory, and keep tools in safe, working order.  It also allows continued improvement of the MUD site to help meet expanding demand.


What is all this hard work if we can’t take a moment to reconnect with our neighbors, friends, new-comers and old-timers?  MUD has taken the goal of connection seriously for years to keep the spirit of sustainability and community engagement alive.  MUD creates the time and space for celebration through events like our Earth Day Celebration and Garden Party.

Your gift to MUD leaves a lasting impact within the Missoula community.  Sustainability by its definition is balance. It is give and give back. This is the foundation of our mission and guides all efforts as an organization.  Please consider giving to MUD in support of our work educating and demonstrating. However you choose to give or participate, we certainly hope you will join us in celebrating. Thank you for being a part of the MUD family!

To give to our summer appeal, please fill out the form below or click here for our full Square Marketplace.

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