Small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference for creating a more sustainable future and in decreasing our impact on the planet. That’s why we encourage sharing tools rather than buying them. That’s why we have many demonstration projects around our site to inspire people to try things like rain water catchment, using reclaimed building materials, and growing your own food. And it’s also why we are inviting people to try shopping for some of their household goods in a new way.

We have partnered with Tru Earth because they have a variety of eco-conscious products that can make a difference in how we live our everyday lives. Whether you’re looking for beeswax wraps to cut back on your use of cling wrap, wool dryer balls to eliminate your use of dryer sheets, or want to cut back on the amount of plastic you’re using by trying out eco-strip laundry detergent, Tru Earth is a great source. And when you purchase from Tru Earth using our link, they’ll donate a portion of their sales back to MUD.

So whether you’re looking for something to support your own zero waste journey or want to inspire your friends and family with eco-conscious gifts – make sure to check out Tru Earth and use the MUD link. We appreciate your support and hope their products can help you meet your sustainable living goals.

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