Is your business or organization looking for ways to cut back on unnecessary waste and implement more sustainable practices? Check out the Pledge Zero program with Home ReSource. A talented Home ReSource employee will meet with you to go over your current waste management systems, product sourcing, and general resource use. Afterwards they will create a report and provide recommendations on ways your business can continue to streamline systems and make small, meaningful changes to work more sustainably.

The MUD team participated in a Pledge Zero consultation at the end of 2022 and walked away with some great recommendations to continue meeting our goals of moving towards zero waste and demonstrating sustainable business practices. From streamlining our waste systems to have universal signage, ensuring that our staff is all trained on what is or isn’t recyclable or compostable in order to prevent contamination, and switching our paper towels to a compostable variety, we are taking small steps to continue our commitment to zero waste.

If your business or organization is interested in taking the pledge you can sign up here and a Home ReSource employee will schedule a time to meet with you. It takes all of us working together to help move Missoula towards zero waste and a greener future.

Excerpt from MUD’s waste audit.
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