Truck Share

MUD’s Truck Share Program

MUD’s Truck Share has provided the Missoula community with a unique transportation alternative for over a decade. Use your bike, feet, and small vehicles for eco-friendly travel in the city; use our Toyota truck (and trailer!) when you occasionally need a larger vehicle. Shared trucks mean we still have the resources we need to move large items, but individuals aren’t burdened with the monetary and environmental costs associated with owning large vehicles.

*Please review the Truck Share Policy carefully before submitting your application. Be sure to note the appropriate and inappropriate uses and other conditions.

Access to the Truck Share is a benefit for qualifying MUD Members. However, there is a small usage fee that helps us with truck maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance costs.

Usage Fee: $5.00/hour & $0.55/mile*
*If you gas up the truck, MUD will deduct the gas cost from your total bill, provided you present a gas receipt when returning the truck.

Reservations are made in 3-hour blocks unless other arrangements are made.

Contact the Tool Library Office (406-549-6790) or the MUD Admin Office (406-721-7513) or email to make your reservation (Reservations must be confirmed directly by MUD Staff to be valid.)
Pick up your truck on the day of your reservation and put it to use!
Pay Truck Share Usage Fees when you return the truck

Visit the Earth Garage to locate other truck and car share programs and to learn more about other sustainable transportation options in your area!

North American Carsharing is growing!

· As of January 1, 2017, 18 Canadian operators claimed 511,654 members and shared 7,412 vehicles. In the United States, 1,405,447 members shared 17,178 vehicles among 21 operators. In Mexico, 10,127 members shared 39 vehicles among one operator.

· Between January 2016 and January 2017, carsharing membership grew 7 percent in the United States and 17 percent in Canada. Between January 2016 and January 2017, carsharing fleets decreased by 1 percent in the United States and grew by 6 percent in Canada. Fleets decreased by 44 percent in Mexico.

· As of January 2017, U.S. member-vehicle ratios were 82:1, representing an 8.7 percent increase over the previous year. In Canada, the ratio was 69:1, representing a 10.4 percentage point increase over the previous year. In Mexico, the ratio was 260:1, representing a 130 percentage point increase over the same period.

· In North America, seven carsharing operators were providing one-way carsharing services. As of January 2017, 38.1% of North American fleets were one-way trip capable, and 48.9% of members had access to these fleets.