Truck Share

MUD’s Truck Share Program

MUD’s Truck Share has provided the Missoula community with a unique transportation alternative for over a decade. Use your bike, feet, and small vehicles for eco-friendly travel in the city; use our Toyota truck (and trailer!) when you occasionally need a larger vehicle. Our shared truck means MUD members still have the ability to move large items, without being burdened by the monetary and environmental costs associated with owning a large vehicle.

*Please review the Truck Share Policy carefully before submitting your application to use the MUD truck.

The MUD Truck is available to qualifying MUD Members. A small usage fee of $5.00/hour and $0.55/mile helps us with truck maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance costs. If you gas up the truck, MUD will deduct the gas cost from your total bill, provided you present a gas receipt when returning the truck.

Reservations are made in 3-hour blocks unless other arrangements are made.

Contact the Tool Library Office (406-549-6790) or email to make your reservation. Reservations must be confirmed directly by MUD Staff to be valid.
Pick up the truck on the day of your reservation and put it to use!
Usage fees must be paid upon return of the truck.

Visit Earth Garage to locate other truck and car share programs and to learn more about other sustainable transportation options in your area!