Meet MUD member Berkeley Loper! Since she was a little girl, Berkeley spent every holiday season getting a Christmas tree by bike. This year she recruited fellow friends and MUD members, Noah, Molly, and Gerald, to join in the tradition. They borrowed the epic MUD bike trailer, a saw and tarps and began their journey. 

Here is what Berkeley wrote to MUD about her epic winter adventure:

“I was so excited to get some friends together and retrieve my Christmas tree in old Loper fashion with a Montana twist, cutting it down ourselves on public lands! During my childhood, my Dad and I would mount our tandem bicycle with our Burley trailer every December. My mom and sister joined along, all four of us covering our bikes with battery powered lights and pinning Santa hats to our helmets. We’d pedal on down to the local tree farm through the Seattle neighborhoods, pick our tree up, strap it down to the trailer, and parade it through Candy Cane Lane and back to our house. Years after my dad died, my mom, sister, and I did our best to keep the tradition alive, although with college and tightly scheduled visits back to Seattle, there were years that we slacked. This year, my first Christmas away from my Mom’s house, I was grateful to have such silly and stoked friends to accompany me from my house through town and up Marshall Canyon with a trailer and saw in tow!”

We were so grateful to see MUD’s bike trailer getting some special, festive use this year. Being a part of MUD means being a part of a community. MUD members continue to inspire us to explore new ideas, creative projects, great adventures and fun-filled times with friends and family. 

Do you have an awesome project in the works that you’d like to share with us? Please reach out to to tell us your story and be featured in a future blog! 


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