Upcoming Events

August 2nd – Gild Toast the Town Pint Night

Come say “Hi” between 5pm and 8pm and Gild will donate a dollar from every beer purchased to MUD! We will be there with information on the Tool Library and member sign up sheets!

August 8th – Sunday Streets Missoula 2021

We will be hosting an interactive activity at this event from 12pm – 3pm that celebrates community and broader transportation choices!

August 12th – Western Montana Fair

It will be great to see everyone at the Missoula County Fairgrounds! We will be tabling with a interactive activity!

August 21st – PetFest

Bring your fluff ball (or hairless) pet and come meet us at PetFest in Caras Park from 10am to 3pm ! We will be there hosting a mini-workshop building Pet Leash/Treat Holders! Cost is $10 per workshop.

September 14 – Five On Black Community Night

Mention your support for MUD when ordering a Five On Black bowl and 50% of the cost will be donated to the Tool Library!

Annual Llama Poo Sale

Each year around Mother’s Day, we at MUD are usually up to our britches in llama poo. Unfortunately, we no longer have a source of this magical garden fertilizer. Know someone with some llamas and/or alpacas who might be willing to donate some dung to MUD? Get in touch by writing to info@mudproject.org.

Llamas and alpacas have a special digestive system that causes their manure to be high in nitrogen, which is excellent for plants. Furthermore, unlike the manure of cows, horses, and sheep, llama poo does not have to be aged before it can be applied to plant roots. Most other types of livestock manure must be aged prior to applying or it will burn the roots of plants. Llama manure, however, can be applied to your plants fresh, dry, or as a tea that nourishes your potted plants without any odor issues. Check out these 5 ways to use llama manure in your garden!