Llama Poo Sale

MUD’s Annual Llama Poo Sale

Each year, MUD partners with local llama and alpaca farms and sanctuaries to provide you with llama poo for your garden available for $15/bag. We utilize repurposed feed bags and buckets, to make pick-up easy and sustainable. Come by during our Tool Library hours to purchase the poo your garden needs!

Llamas and alpacas have a special digestive system that is different from that of cows, horses or sheep. It causes llama manure to be high in nitrogen, which is excellent for plants, yet it does not have to be aged before you can apply it to plant roots. Most other types of livestock manure have to be aged first, or it will burn the roots of plants. With llama manure, you can apply it immediately to your plants fresh, dry or you can even mix up a llama bean tea to nourish your potted plants without any odor issues.

MUD’s Llama Poo sale happens each year around Mother’s Day- but we often have a few bags on hand so stop in and ask about our llama poo!