Library definition: An organized collection of resources made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing

About Our Tool Library

MUD’s Tool Library, established in 1987, demonstrates sustainable living by sharing tools, resources, and knowledge, enabling MUD members to improve their lives and homes and become more self-sufficient.

With over 2,000 tools in our inventory, we have everything from hand and power tools for your lawn and garden to home repair and renovation tools, from auto repair and maintenance tools to tools that help with food preservation, sewing, and other domestic projects.

The tools are available to our members and are shared, just like books in a library – please take care of them while using them so they are in great shape for the next MUD member. We appreciate your efforts to support MUD and the concept of neighborly resource-sharing by taking good care of the MUD tools.

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MUD Central Tool Library Hours, 1527 Wyoming Street, Missoula, MT, 406-549-6790, Tuesday/Thursday: 4-7pm, Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm

Tool Library Rules

At MUD, we are really proud that our Tool Library has become such a staple for DIY-ers in the Missoula community. In order to maintain the quality of tools our members have come to expect, we ask that all new MUD members review and sign our Tool Use Policy.

Like any library, we ask that our members treat the tools they check out with care and respect, returning them in the same quality in which they checked them out.  Please follow these rules.


Tools are for the personal use of our members only, not commercial projects and/or contractors.


Tues. and Thurs. from 4pm-7pm and Sat. and Sun. 10am-4pm. Tools left outside the MUD office can be stolen or damaged. Members who fail to follow this rule may be charged to replace tools and may lose their borrowing privileges.


High demand tools (seasonal) are due back the next shift, to make them available for more members.  For example, if you check out one of the tillers on Saturday, it is due back on Sunday.

4.) To renew your tools, call or email the Tool Library office BEFORE THEY ARE DUE.


FREE TOOLS = $1/per shift/per tool

FEE TOOLS = TOOL FEE x # of shifts late


Please remove dirt, grass, dust, sawdust, plaster, paint, or other residue from your tools so that they are clean for the next user. Some tools can be ruined without proper cleaning. You may be charged a cleaning or repair fee for failure to clean your tools.


If you damage a tool through careless or improper use, you can be charged a fee of 50%-100% replacement or repair cost of the tool.  Please follow all instructions and remember that manuals for most tools can be found published online.


We will pursue and prosecute people who steal tools. This is about sharing, people!

Tool Library Fees

Many of our tools are free to check out and use as part of your MUD Membership. However, some of our tools require regular maintenance and repair, or they have associated fuel costs. User fees contribute directly to the on-going costs of keeping these tools in working condition. In order to ensure tools are returned on time so that others may have access to them, we do charge late fees as well. Please be considerate in your tool use and help MUD keep this service available to all our members!

Tool Inventory

We are proud to say that the MUD Tool Library is home to over 2,000 different tools! We also hope that number continues to grow so we can help you with all your future DIY projects!  In the coming days, non-members will be able to sign up online via Local Tools, our online Tool Library Database created by MyTurn.  For now, prospective members must sign up in person during Library hours.

Both MUD Members and non-members can browse our inventory online and plan upcoming projects by clicking the button below.  If your membership is current and you are having trouble logging into your Local Tools account, contact us at

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Please remember that tools can only be checked out and returned during the hours posted below. 

 MUD Central Tool Library Hours, 1527 Wyoming Street, Missoula, MT, 406-549-6790, Tuesday/Thursday: 4-7pm, Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm


Food Processing Tools

MUD’s Tool Library offers access to a suite of food processing equipment. As with any food processing situation, proper use of equipment, sanitation, and equipment maintenance are critical for food safety. Click on the links below to learn more about all our food processing tools.

Canning Materials

Canning Tools

Two MUD Members using on-site cider press

Cider Press

meat grinder

Meat Grinder

MUD Central Tool Library Hours, 1527 Wyoming Street, Missoula, MT, 406-549-6790, Tuesday/Thursday: 4-7pm, Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm

MUD Tool Library Wish List

Our extensive tool library collection is as much a testament to the Missoula community as it is to our MUD Tool Librarians and staff. Without generous donations from the community each year since the Tool Library was founded, we wouldn’t have the variety and sheer number of tools we currently have.

In our continued efforts to always better serve our members’ needs, we have compiled our Tool Library Wish List. Below, you will find everything from small items like oil for our lawn mowers to our big Dream List items. For most items, we are happy to take new or gently used tools.

Tool donations are always appreciated, but please do call the Tool Library (406.549.6790) to confirm your donation prior to bringing it on site. For safety purposes, please do not leave donations outside of Tool Library hours.

Small (but always needed!) Items

2 Cycle Oil Good Quality 2 Cycle Oil
pennzoil 30w oil 30w Oil
degreaser De-Greaser
lawn mower air filter Briggs & Stratton 491588S Flat Air Filter Cartridge (rectangular)
Tube Filter Tecumseh Air Filter 35066 (tube shaped)
seafoam motor treatment SeaFoam Motor Treatment
Triflow Superior Lubricant Triflow Superior Lubricant (Drip or Aerosol)
Gumout Starter Fluid Fumout Brand Starting Fluid
White-Lithium Grease Spray
POR-15 Rust Prevention Paint
Grip Metric & SAE In Thread Pitch Thread Pitch Guages (SAE and metric)
Stihl trimmer line Trimmer Line (bulk spools preferred)
Mulching Mower Blade Mulching Mower Blades & Regular Mower Blades
small engine spark plug Small Engine Spark Plugs (need a variety)
Wrench Set Ratcheting Combo Wrench Sets (SAE and metric)
Socket Set Socket Sets (SAE and Metric, impact and non) 

*Please contact the Tool Library (406.549.6790) for specific information on these items.

Larger Items

aluminum fruit picking ladder Fruit Picking Ladder
[image] Silver Line Drum Sander (preferably pro model)
Cider press New Cider Press
Honda pressure washer Honda Pressure Washer
Stihl trimmer Stihl String Trimmer
Stihl-edger Stihl Edger
Honda snow blower Honda Snow Blower
Electric snow blower Electric Snow Blower
Floor Nailer Pneumatic Floor Nailer
Mechanic's tool set Mechanics Tool Set
air compressor Air Compressor
shop vac Shop Vac
Impact wrenches Impact Wrenches
Makita angle grinder Angle Grinder
drill batteries Batteries for Cordless Drill (1)Batteries for Cordless Drill (2)
Dremel Rotary Tool Dremel Rotary Tool
Oscilating tool set Oscillating Tool
grease tubes Grease Tubes
[image] Chop/Miter Saw (Dewalt 10 or 12′ Compound Miter preferred)
[image] Extension Ladder
[image] Wallpaper Steamer
[image] Folding Saw Horses
[image] Floor Jack (large, preferably aluminum)
[image] Cordless Drills with 2 Batteries, Charger, and a Hard Case
[image] Multi-Position Lader
[image] Carpet Cleaner
Wheelbarrow Heavy Duty Wheel Barrows (in good condition)
MUD Central Tool Library Hours, 1527 Wyoming Street, Missoula, MT, 406-549-6790, Tuesday/Thursday: 4-7pm, Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm

Late Fees

    • The fee per day we are open for all fee tools
    • $1/day for all other tools

Check-out Fees – $3/Use

    • Lawn Mowers
    • String Trimmers
    • Bosh Rolling Contractor Table Saw
    • 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Check-out Fees – $5/Use

    • Air Compressor
    • Cement Mixer
    • Chipper (small)
    • Paint Sprayers
    • Pressure Washers
    • Smoker
    • Gas Leaf Blower

Check-out Fees – $10/Use

    • Cider Press (on site/$20 offsite)
    • Chipper (large)
    • Tillers
    • Meat Grinder
    • Certain Paint Sprayers
    • Truck Trailers

MUD Central Tool Library Hours, 1527 Wyoming Street, Missoula, MT, 406-549-6790, Tuesday/Thursday: 4-7pm, Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm