The MUD Project is excited to announce our new Sustainability Circle business partner program. Our new program invites businesses that share our values to join us in advancing our community resources to strengthen the foundation of our collective work towards sustainability: individual empowerment and education. Business memberships allow us to expand our capacity to offer tool access to Missoula and the surrounding communities, to develop greater ecological and tool-based education programs for youth and adults, and to enhance the resiliency of our environment through smart urban choices on an individual scale.

Premier Sustainability Circle Members


How does it work?


We ask that Sustainability Circle business partners commit to a giving level on an annual basis. We welcome contributions at any level, and appreciate additional contributions in the form of higher level giving and event sponsorship. As a thank you for continued support, the MUD

Project offers referrals to business members along with other perks that will support business employees or customers. Your support will assist MUD in the growth and development of our ongoing programs. For a quick glimpse of those programs, click here.

Sustainability Circle Giving Levels


Our general giving levels are outlined here. We welcome customized giving levels and benefits. For example, realtors might want to gift MUD memberships to new home owners or a plumbing company might want to be the headlining sponsor for our rainwater catchment workshops. We’d love to have a conversation with you about ways that our Sustainability Circle membership can support your business.

Become a Sustainability Circle Member now!


You can join as a Sustainability Circle Member by sending a check for your preferred membership level to:

MUD Project

1527 Wyoming St.

Missoula, MT 59801

If you are selecting an Apprentice Level, Journey Level, or Master Level membership, you may pay online at the MUD Square Marketplace.

If your business prefers monthly payments instead of one-time payments, please let us know and we can set up a monthly payment option with you.