Original DHP Founders

MUD’s Founders at the Northside Site circa 1981.

2015 saw the sale of MUD’s original Northside properties. This sale brought a mix of feelings for board, staff, volunteers, and members as the organization’s energy and resources were concentrated at the MUD Central Site on Wyoming Street. At this central location, MUD serves a larger spectrum of Missoula’s community, broadening efforts to share resources and demonstrate urban sustainability.  Even as the MUD leadership is energized by the changes and partnerships that have stemmed from the move, the group recognizes the people and organizations which gave life to the MUD Northside Site. MUD’s long-time home was a place where ideas became reality and many hands learned to garden, implement sustainable practices, and build both space and fellowship.  Thank you to those who cultivated years of MUD community, building a legacy rich with tradition and contagious in its enthusiasm for green living practices.

Read about MUD’s origins and the good work of its founders here.

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