Location, Location, Location

MUD strives to be an easily accessible and highly visible community resource for all Missoulians, and in 2010, we began talking about how expansion could help us better achieve this goal. In 2011, we moved our main center of operations from the Northside to MUD Central on Wyoming St. next to Home ReSource.  Since that time, MUD’s membership has tripled and we are serving more people than ever before.

The project took two full years, an incredible team of people, and a whole lot of community support, but in 2012, we proudly hosted the grand opening of our MUD Central site.  Learn more about all the hard work behind the expansion below.


MUD Central

MUD Central is a direct product of our Relocation and Expansion Project. Located right next to Home ReSource, a local building materials re-use facility,  MUD Central was built with the hopes of becoming part of a “Sustainable Living Center” – a one-stop shop for sustainable living resources.  We like to think of this area as the center of Missoula’s sharing economy.

Feel free to contact us at or (406) 721-7513 for more information!


On Site


At the MUD Central site, visitors will find our Main Office, the main Tool Library, and our Truck Share program. Occasionally, events and demonstrations or workshops are also held at the Central site.

The site itself serves as a demonstration project as well. We used low-cost, “green” construction techniques, such as re-using old building materials and using retired shipping containers, and we even transferred all of our tools with bikes and bike trailers (with quite a bit of help from our friends at Free Cycles!).

Before our move to this site, our programs served over 200 Missoulians annually – over 70% of whom were low to moderate income (according to HUD guidelines). It is our hope that this expansion and relocation will enable a projected 500 additional households throughout Missoula to access the tools, transportation, and sustainability best practices that make home maintenance and ownership more affordable.

MUD Member Quote

MUD North

After thoughtful consideration, MUD’s Board of Directors sold our Northside location on Phillips Street in 2015 to consolidate our resources and efforts at our Central location on Wyoming Street.  MUD began on Phillips Street, and it is from that beginning that MUD established itself as the great resource is is today for Missoulians who chose to live sustainably.  MUD’s programs saw substantial increases when MUD’s Tool Library and Truck Share programs relocated in July 2012 and we believe this decision will only serve to strengthen our mission.  Consolidating our operations will allow us to continue to grow and better serve our members and the whole Missoula community.  We understand what a wonderful emotional bond many people feel with the Northside location.  We are moving together towards a bright and sustainable future for MUD.  Thank you for all you past support and understanding.  Feel free to contact us at or at (406)721-7513 if you have any questions.  

Composting at MUD

MUD does not currently maintain worms at the demonstration site. If you are looking for a source for composting worms, contact the MUD office and we’ll provide you with contact information.

Dumping your compost:
Due to MUD’s mission to demonstrate backyard-scale sustainability practices, we cannot accommodate compostable scraps from the public. Our composting system is managed as a backyard system, which only has capacity to deal with our own volume of organic matter.