MUD Original Founders at MUD Northside Site circa 1981; MUD Northside sign circa 2012

A Little Slice of MUD History

As one of Missoula’s oldest non-profit organizations, MUD has a lengthy and interesting history. Over the course of several years, thanks to the dedicated efforts of a number of volunteers, we have been piecing together the origins of MUD, in order to make them available to everyone who is interested.


Volunteers Welcome!


This historical research project is on-going, and volunteers are welcome and appreciated.

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MUD History Timeline

Please click on the links below for more information, including MUD’s timeline, the early days of MUD, the birth of our Tool Library, and more!

MUD Highlights – 1981-2011

Full MUD Timeline – 1970s-2011

The Origins of MUD – A Narrative History


Part I – The Early Days

Part II – DHP Bears Fruit

Part III – A MUDdy Birth

Part IV – Teach Your Children Well

Part V – The Tools of Change