MUD members in front of projects they built using MUD resources - Kitchen cabinets, a garden and fence, spiral staircase

MUD Membership means access to over 2,000 tools, our Truck Share program, and to DIY classes critical for practicing backyard sustainability. In addition to these tangible benefits, our members also get the satisfaction of supporting a more sustainable Missoula. We aim to engage members in resource sharing, networking, and hands-on education experiences that promote self-reliance and community resilience. Join MUD or renew your membership today and help us keep the great spirit of community alive in Missoula!

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Tool Library & Truck Share
  • 50% off of our great Sustainability & DIY Workshops
  • Discounted entry to MUD-sponsored Events
  • 10% discount with many of our local MUD Partners (with proof of membership)


Participating Businesses

  • Caras Nursery
  • Back to Nature
  • Fancy Plants Nursery
  • Garden City Recycling
  • Home ReSource
  • Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
  • Marchie’s Nursery
  • Meadowsweet Herbs
  • Nature Boy
  • ZACC’s “DIY” activities



Membership Options

MUD Memberships come in all shapes and sizes! Membership categories are based on a sliding scale and are designed to make MUD Membership affordable for the entire community.




Bulk Memberships

  • Annual, requires yearly renewal
  • Includes up to two primary adults residing at one address
  • Available in categories based on a sliding scale ($30 for those with annual income $24,999 or less, $50 annual income $25k-$49,999, $90 annual income $50k-$99,999, and $110 for those with annual income of $100k or more).
  • Annual, requires yearly renewal
  • Includes two primary memberships and access to workshops and more for ALL staff (See MUD Organization Membership Overview for more details!)
  • $150 annual fee
  • Minimum purchase of 50 Individual/Household memberships
  • Bulk Rate of $50/Membership
  • Contact MUD for more information


2015 HUD Section 8 Income Guidelines

2015 HUD Section 8 Income Guidelines

Please notice the HUD income reporting chart above. You will be required to self-report your income level, among other general demographics information when signing up for a MUD membership.

Check My MUD Membership Status

In an effort to update our membership data, we are only migrating active members into our new system. If your membership expired before April 1, 2015, you will need to create a new account in the Tool Library Office.  If you are unsure or have any questions about your membership status, please email the MUD Central Office at  Please bear with us as we implement our new tool sharing membership and loaning system!  Thanks for your patience!

Join/Renew Membership

Joining MUD will soon be easier than ever before with MyTurn’s Tool Library database software!  During our transition, we are only allowing account setup at the MUD Tool Library Office.  Thanks for your patience.