Current Available Internships:

1455932_10152949619496961_2080317357128104811_nintern2MUD Sustainability Internships


Considering a nonprofit internship? MUD might be the right fit for you. We have many short and long-term projects in almost every area of our operations that are ripe for interns. From our Tool Library operations to our website and online presence, we likely have needs that match your skills and interests. Send inquiries to along with a current resume.






General Internship Information


  • Vested interest in sustainability and environmental issues and serving low to moderate income Missoula families;
  • Self-directed and well-organized with good time-management skills and the ability to manage several projects simultaneously;
  • Depends on the project: written and verbal communication skills, tool knowledge, web design & knowledge, construction experience, garden know-how, education and teaching skills, the list goes on!
  • Positive attitude and commitment to improving our community!


  • Dependent on experience and interest: We’ll find a project that is the right fit for you.
  • Position requires individuals to be self-motivated, productive with limited supervision, capable of working well in a highly variable public environment with lots of diverse people, interested in MUD’s mission and willing to explain it to the public, and capable of collaborating with MUD board and staff.
  • Position requires recruitment of volunteers specific to program needs. Position recipient is expected to implement programs/projects with support, training and supervision provided by MUD staff & Board of Directors, and to manage volunteers only in coordination with MUD staff.
  • Fundraising is a significant consideration for all MUD programs. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in fundraising efforts through grant writing, community outreach events, and more, as is appropriate for their position and interests.

Training Offered by MUD

  • Training for basic skills necessary to perform tasks associated with position can be provided by MUD board and staff (amount of training required/to be provided must be determined and agreed upon by all parties prior to commitment).